Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Approves Amendment in Housing Regulations

Regulations Mar 29, 2022

The DDA (Delhi Development Authority) has approved an amendment in the DDA - Management and Disposal of Housing Estates regulations to allow the public to participate in housing schemes even if they or their family members own a flat or plot in Delhi, provided it doesn’t measure over 67 sqm [1]. Before this amendment, Regulation 7 said that only those persons will be eligible for allotment of DDA flats if they or their family members did not own a flat or land in Delhi. That had been restricting the demand for DDA flats to a considerable extent. The amendment is expected to attract more homebuyers to participate in the housing schemes.

As per an official statement, the number of waitlisted allottees will be equal to the number of flats offered under the housing scheme, as against 25% as per the existing regulation [2]. The unsold flats in the developing areas may be offered on a first come first serve basis, and no condition in terms of ownership of flats shall apply to the applicants. In other words, unsold flats can be purchased by an applicant even though he/she may be having a flat or plot in the city - as was the case before the amendment [3]. Public entities such as Central or State government departments will also be eligible for allotment of these unsold flats. The proposal approved by the DDA will be sent to the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for its nod, and notification of the proposed amendments [1].





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