Allotment Letters, Re-allotment Letters and How They are Issued in Haryana

Haryana Nov 9, 2020

If you book an property which is under-construction, the developer or builder will give you an allotment letter containing the property specifications, payment details and the developer’s liability. If you intend to buy the property by borrowing a home loan, you will be required to submit the allotment letter to the bank or Housing Finance Company.

Allotment of property is governed by the Haryana Urban Development Act of 1977. Thus, if you seek to buy a property in urban areas which are developed by HUDA like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panchkula and Panipat, the schedule given below must be followed by you and the developer.

Timeline of payment for property in Haryana

  1. Buyer submits her application for buying property to the developer. She pays 10 percent of the tentative price of the property at the time of submission of the application.
  2. The developer issues the allotment letter to the buyer.
  3. Within 30 days of the date of issue of the allotment letter, the buyer must pay 5 percent of the tentative price of the property to the developer, making the total advance she has paid to the developer, 15 percent of the tentative property price.
  4. The remaining 75 percent of the price of the property must be paid by the buyer in lump sum without interest within 60 days from the date on which the allotment letter was issued. Otherwise, the 75 percent may be paid by the buyer in 6 annual instalments along with a 9 percent interest rate, which starts accruing from the date of possession of the property.

Content of an allotment letter

  1. Area of the property.
  2. Construction schedule.
  3. Delivery date of the property.
  4. Layout plan of the property.
  5. Layout plan of the entire project.
  6. Tentative consideration amount, including taxes.
  7. Developers’ liability.
  8. Details of the transacting parties.

The developer issues you the allotment letter. You cannot obtain an allotment letter online.

Re-allotment Letters

After you (the original buyer) transfer [1] your property to another buyer or transferee, a re-allotment letter is issued by HUDA to the transferee. You can apply to HUDA for a re-allotment letter online, on the Antyodaya Saral Yojana [2] website.

Required documents

  1. Certified copy of the original sale deed which was made in favour of the transferee.
  2. Affidavit from the transferor stating that ownership transfer has taken place.
  3. Identity proofs of transferor and transferee.
  4. First Information Report (FIR) or Daily Diary Register (DDR) in case the re-allotment letter is to be issued because the previous allotment letter was reported lost or damaged.


The platform will ask you to pay service delivery fees.

Time Taken to Issue Re-Allotment Letter

The re-allotment letter must be issued by HUDA within 21 days under the Right to Services Act.

[1] Property transfer may take place through sale, gift or inheritance.

[2] The Antyodaya Saral Yojana is a scheme launched by the Government of Haryana under the Right to Services Act of 2014. It was launched to make civic service delivery more efficient by digitising more than 500 services.

Photo by siriwan arunsiriwattana on Unsplash.

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