How to e-File an Equitable Mortgage in Navi Mumbai

Equitable Mortages Nov 29, 2021

When you borrow a mortgage, with the agreement that your property will be the collateral and deposit its title deeds with your lender, you create an equitable mortgage. An equitable mortgage is also known as a ‘memorandum of mortgage by deposit of title deeds’. The memorandum enlists the terms of the mortgage and the description of the property.

E-filing of equitable mortgages

You do not register an equitable mortgage; you file it. Filing is the process by which you (the borrower) send a notice of intimation to the Sub-Registrar’s Office (SRO) about the equitable mortgage created on your property. It is possible to file your mortgage online on the igrmaharahtra website.

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Before filing your mortgage application online, however, you must ensure that you have paid the stamp duty and registration fees on it. These can be paid through the e-SBTR website of the Bank of Maharashtra. Remember to save your receipt on the payment of the stamp duty and registration fees.

  • Pay the filing fee and note down the challan number.
  • Go back to the igrmaharashtra website, and this time, select the ‘Process’ option under ‘E-filing for Citizens’ to load the e-filing website.

Create an account on the website. The website will load an application which requires you to fill in the details listed below-

  • Your name (borrower’s name)
  • Lender’s details including the bank name and branch name.
  • Date of mortgage creation
  • Loan amount
  • Interest charged
  • Details of mortgaged property including its address, built up area
  • Type of title deed which has been deposited with the lender
  • E-challan number
  • E-SBTR number

The notice of intimation will be generated and publicly accessible. You can look for it by conducting an e-search on the igrmaharashtra website.

Maharashtra government to charge 0.3 percent stamp duty on equitable mortgages

In December, 2020, the Maharashtra government amended the Maharashtra Stamp Act of 1958 to fix the stamp duty payable on certain property transaction-related documents in which a bank is a transacting party. Filing of equitable mortgages will now attract a stamp duty of 0.3 percent activities.

Image by Milinf Kaduskar on Unsplash

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