How to Search for a RERA Registered Project in Bengaluru Online?

How To Series Jul 26, 2022

The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA), passed in 2016, is aimed at regulating activity in real estate, in addition to bringing greater transparency in the space. The Act made it mandatory for state governments to set up their respective Real Estate Regulatory Authorities (RERAs).

The Act was notified in Karnataka in July, 2017, and the body was set up in March, 2019. To date, more than 6000 applications have been submitted to the Karnataka RERA for registration, with more than 5000 approved.

The Karnataka RERA website is host to a lot of useful information for buyers of a given project, such as:

  • Builder Details: Information about the builder, including contact details of the management, their pictures, along with a list of present and past complaints registered against it.
  • Project Details: Detailed information about the project, ranging from its start and proposed (if the project is under construction) date of completion, details of the land it is being built on such as its location and survey information, to litigation information of the land, and its built-up area.
  • Building Information: Information under this category would include the number of units the project and the number of parking spaces available in the project, in addition to other details of the units such as their configuration (2BHK, 3BHK), and carpet areas. A tower (or wing) wise breakdown of information is also available

Apart from what is mentioned above, documents relevant to the project, such as balance sheets and cash flow statements are also available for public viewership.

How to Search for a RERA Registered Project in Bengaluru Online?

Step 1: Visit the Karnataka RERA website.

Step 2: Navigate to the Services option on the menu bar and click on “Project Status”.

Step 3: Fill up the details as prompted. You would have the option to search for your project using its name, the name of the promoter (or builder), or its RERA registration number.

Step 4: A variation of the following will be returned. The attached image is the result obtained for the search of a project by its name. Click on the field under the “View Project Details” column to open up registration details of the project.

Step 4: A new page with details of the project is displayed. You would have an option to view detailed information about various aspects of the project, split by tabs. By default, the page opens with details of the promoter.

Information about the units of the project, including their configuration, carpet areas, the available parking spaces, among other details are present in the "Project Details" tab.

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