How to Search for a RERA Registered Project in Maharashtra Online?

How To Series Jul 7, 2022

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, which came into effect in 2017, stipulates that every state in the country set up its own Real Estate Regulatory Authority. The aim of such bodies is to bring transparency, and to regulate activity in real estate.

The MAHARERA was one of the first of such bodies set up in the country [1], and has the most number of registrations [2].

The MAHARERA website gives buyers access to useful information on a given project, such as:

  1. Builder Information: Information such as the address of the builder and their past experience. Past experience includes the names of projects they have previously completed, the number of units in each project, and the dates of proposed, and actual completion.
  2. Project Details: These include the proposed date of completion, detailed information about the location of the project (including what is present on each of the boundaries - north, south, east, and west), the area of the plot at which the project is being constructed, and its FSI.
  3. Building Wise Information: Information under this category includes the number of units in every building of the project, their configuration (such as 2BHK - or 2 bedrooms, hall, and kitchen) and their areas, among other details. For instance, if a proposed project has 3 wings, details about the units of each wing would be separately mentioned.

In addition to what is mentioned above, details of litigation (if any) the project might be under, and contact information of real estate agents associated with the project are also available.

How to Search for a RERA Registered Project in Maharashtra Online?

Step 1: Go to the MAHARERA website, and hover over to “Registration” on the menu bar.

Step 2: Click on “Registered Projects” from the drop down menu

Step 3: A new window will open up with a form. After selecting “Registered Projects” for User Type, you may go ahead and fill up details of the project. Projects can be searched by the RERA registration number, or the names of the promoter or the project.

Step 4: Click on “View” under the View Details column to view the details of the project. The following table is a variation returned for a search done under “Project Name”.

A variation of the following, with the application details is returned. This document has the aforementioned information.

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[1] White Paper 7- Key Features and State-wise Implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (2016).pdf



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