How to Search for a RERA Registered Project in Kerala Online?

How To Series Aug 10, 2022

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development Act) that came into effect in 2017 is aimed at bringing greater transparency to, and regulating activity in real estate. Every state in the country is mandated to set up its own Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

The Act was notified in Kerala in July, 2018, and the body was set up in January, 2020. A total of 822 projects have thus far been registered with Kerala RERA.
The Kerala RERA website is host to useful information for buyers, such as:

  • General information about the project such as the type of the project, area of the land the project is built on and the number of units (total and booked) in the project.
  • Detailed information about the promoter of the project including address and contact details, and a snapshot of the track record of the promoter: the "snapshot" table has metrics such as the number of years of experience the promoter has, and the number of its completed and ongoing projects.
  • Information about the units present in the project broken down by configuration (such as the number of 3 BHK’s in the project) and their areas for each building in the project. The construction progress of each building is also available.

Apart from what is mentioned above, the user has access to information about the personnel associated with the project such as its structural engineers and architects. The list and copies of different permits linked to the project are also available.

How to Search for a RERA Registered Project in Kerala Online?

Step 1: Got to Kerala RERA website at

Step 2: Click on the “Registered Projects & Agents” from the menu beneath the banner.

Step 3: A new window will open up with a form. After selecting “Registered Projects” for User Type, you may go ahead and fill up details of the project. Projects can be searched by the RERA registration number, or the names of the promoter or the project.

Step 4: Click on “View” under the Current status column to view the details of the project. The following table is a variation returned for a search done under “Project Name”.

A variation of the following page is returned. Apart from general information of the project such as its type (whether it is residential or commercial), the area of the land it is built on, and the number of units (both booked and total), other information is displayed in the form of tabs under the General Information window.

To get more specific information about the project, such as the number of units per configuration (such as the number of 3BHK’s), their areas, or information about the personnel associated with the project, you would need to click on the respective tab.

For information about units, the “Construction Progress” tab is relevant. A variation of the following containing not only the areas and the configuration of the units, but also their construction progress is returned.

The Kerala RERA website indicates that the information present is updated quarterly. However, it is good practice to check the “Last Modified” date present in the window shown in Step 4, as some information - particularly about the number of booked units, may be outdated.

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