Karnataka - Legacy Property Records to be Digitized at 29 Sub-Registrar Offices

Policy Update Jun 23, 2022

Before 2003, property documentation in Karnataka was carried out on paper. Since the launch of the KAVERI portal, the process has been made digital.

Paper as a medium for documentation is prone to forgery. Citing this as motivation to digitize sub-registrar offices (and therefore property documentation) in 2018 [1], the government of Karnataka launched a pilot program under the name “Surabhi” to digitize the Gandhinagar sub-registrar office. A total of about 33 lakh pages, from 4.25 lakh documents were digitized in the process, which was outsourced to the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) based in Pune [2].

Following through with the digitization process, the government of Karnataka has now identified 29 SRO’s [3] (or sub-registrar offices), 12 of which are in Bengaluru, for the procedure.

The digitization process will loosely take the following form:

  1. Identifying of legacy documents that have to be digitized
  2. Scanning these documents
  3. Uploading the metadata of these documents online, so as to facilitate searching of the document for the end user
  4. Over time, merging this database with what is used for digital land registration.

A budget of Rs 10 crore has been allocated towards the digitization process in Karnataka. A total of about 12 crore documents have been estimated to need digitisation, with the year of origination going back to 1856.

This move, as part of the larger land record digitization process, is expected to aid citizens by providing greater transparency to property information by having legacy documentation freely available online, in addition to addressing property fraud, as digital records hard harder to forge.

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