Maharashtra - ULPIN Integration Across Departments in Process

Policy Update Aug 18, 2022

What is the ULPIN?

As part of the Digital India Land Record Modernization Program launched in 2008, the Government of India is digitising land records by allocating an identification number to every surveyed parcel of land in the country, through a mechanism called the Unique Land Parcel Identification Number System.

The Unique Land Parcel Identification Number, or ULPIN, is an alphanumeric code, which is directed to be based on the geographical coordinates of the land parcel. This ULPIN will be synchronized across government departments such as the Registration Department, and linked to the land owner's Aadhar information and bank records.

Details on how the number is formulated can be found here. In case the parcel of land goes through a change such as a subdivision, a new ULPIN would be allotted, with a trail of the previous ones maintained.

ULPIN Implementation in Maharashtra

The ULPIN program in Maharashtra was launched in March, 2021, making Maharashtra among the first 10 states in India to sign up. The city of Pune was decided as the location for carrying out the pilot in Maharashtra in February, 2022, with a timeline for the completion of the pilot set at 3 months.

ULPIN's implementation in Maharashtra has seen a few changes from the guideline directive:

The state government in July announced the initiation of having the ULPIN integrated across departments in the state. As part of the integration process, all relevant departments will be facilitated with the infrastructure to begin making use of the ULPIN.

How Will the ULPIN be Useful?

Developed by the NIC, the primary objective of the system, in combination with other digitisation efforts such as the NGDRS, is to bring greater uniformity and consistency to land records using digitzation.

Because land records will be synced across departments and also linked with the Aadhar information of an individual, the likelihood of fraudulent transactions will come down.

To illustrate a use case of how the ULPIN will curtail fraud, a landowner will no longer be able to register the same parcel of land multiple times. As the land in and of itself will have an identifier linked with ownership history, any attempt to register land multiple times will be apparent.

Having information about a parcel of land updated in real time will also have administrative benefits, as information changed at one department will be reflected across others.

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