Maharashtra - MHADA Land Digital Surveying Underway

Policy Update Sep 5, 2022

The MHADA (or the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority) is a housing development initiative for the state of Maharashtra, under which affordable housing is made available to residents of the state. It is also the nodal body for the implementation of the PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana).

The Authority offers housing under a lottery system, wherein a window of time is opened for people to register for the lottery. The houses available under the MHADA are divided into 3 segments based on the income level of buyers. Information about the eligibility to participate in the lottery, in addition to the aforementioned price segments can be found here.

In July 2022, the MHADA announced its decision to survey and map land under its jurisdiction in the state using technology such as GIS (or Geographical Information System) and RPA (or Robotic Process Automation). Two private organizations - RAH Infotech CE Info Systems and Replete Business Solutions were identified as implementation partners, with a timeline for completion set at 6 months. The entire process is overseen by an internal MHADA committee, which is led by the authority's Chief Officer of the Mumbai Division.

Among the reasons cited for the decision, besides the general benefits of digitisation of land records, was a need to create an exhaustive inventory of land parcels under MHADA's jurisdiction, so as to facilitate efficient management, and to avoid encroachment. Having this inventory will also aid in development plans, and surveillance of the parcels of land.

Approximately 4000 hectares of land are owned by the MHADA, and will be surveyed under the process. The surveying will also not be restricted to only Mumbai, and will also include other cities in the state, such as Pune and Nashik.

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