Property Sales Trends in Pune (July - August, 2022)

Analytics Sep 12, 2022

Registered property sales in Pune have seen a 10% decline for the month of August, compared to what was seen in July

Registered Sales Transactions Have Seen a Decline in August

July recorded a total of 16,075 sales while the number dropped to 14,443 in August.

Property Sales in August, 2021 Noted a Decline from July

In an effort to gauge whether the the drop in registered mortgages in Pune for this period is seasonal, a comparison was made from the same period last year.

It is seen that property sales in August, 2021 noted a similar decline of 18.5% compared to the volume in July. However, as property registrations in the city noted interruptions due to technical difficulties, it is difficult to say whether the drop in sales registered is seasonal.

Affordable Transactions Continued to Drive Property Sales

Affordable (ticket size < 45 lakhs) transactions continued to drive sales volume in Pune, with close to half of total transactions falling in the segment for both July and August.

The segment-wise distribution of sales also remained largely unchanged, however, mid-segment property sales noted a slight increase in August.

Wagholi and Wakad Noted the Most Number of Sales Transactions

Looking at the geographical distribution of property sales in Pune, it is observed that the Pimpri Chinchwad area of the district emerged as a top choice for buyers, with four of the top five top localities by sales volume located in the region.

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