Property Tax Assessment in Pune

Property Tax Dec 21, 2021

About Pune Municipal Corporation

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) also known as Pune Mahanagar Palika collects property tax for maintaining civic amenities in Pune.

Residents of Pune owning any kind of real estate including residential house (self-occupied or let out), office building, factory building, godowns, flats, open plot, shops, etc are subject to paying property tax to the PMC. Property tax is calculated along the basis of the effective carpet area of the property. A capital value-based system for property tax calculation is used by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Calculation of Property Tax

Property Tax= Capital Value * Rate of Tax


Capital value = Base value x Built-up area x Usage x type of building x age factor x Floor factor

And the 'Rate of Tax' is fixed by the PMC based on the area in which the property is located.

The Pune Municipal Corporation permits users to derive calculated property tax on its online portal, using the following inputs:

●   Locality

●   Area

●   Usage

●   Type

●   Total Plinth Area

●   Age of the Property

Both PCMC and PMC property rates are available online at

Image by Mohnish Landge on Unsplash

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