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to property due diligence.

Teal's digital infrastructure makes legal due diligence of real estate assets a breeze. We bring all the necessary tools under one unified platform that is easy to integrate, highly customisable, and ensures efficiency dividends from day one.

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Teal ReportTeal Report
Legal Vetting

Property title verification and legal opinion from a large network of empanelled lawyers.

Document Extraction

Extraction of non-digitized documents from SROs and other government authorities.

Document Logistics

Vetting of original documents and document pickup/delivery services at your convenience.

Workflow Digitization

Transformation of your entire due diligence process to a digital-first platform.


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Customer Stories —

Learn how Teal is powering enterprise innovation through due diligence digitization

Banks and housing finance companies are leveraging Teal's digital property due diligence infrastructure to increase efficiency, reduce turnaround time, and improve customer satisfaction. Request a demo today to get expert advice from our enterprise success team to launch your organization's digital due diligence journey.

Traditional due diligence has issues with manual dependency, high amount of external verifications, and unreliability. With Teal's integration into our existing ecosystem, our credit managers are able to access property due diligence with a single click.

Sahil Palejwala
Sahil Palejwala

National Manager - Digital and Strategic Initiatives

Tata Capital Housing Finance